Dee Russell for Mathews Board of Supervisors

Civility      Facts       Solutions

Its time to work together for Mathews!

The foundation of our community is our core values and beliefs...

however we got here, we all love our small town and

the genuine sense of community we feel living here.



I am an independent and not associated with either party.

Although I was raised in a republican home, I believe our local elections

are about Mathews and what is best for our county and community.



I am a fiscal conservative and believe in financial transparency and responsibility.

The money the county spends belongs to the citizens and should be spent wisely.


I believe our county should support our schools

beyond what we are mandated to do.

Schools are the foundation of a healthy community

even if you do not have children in the school system.


As the wife of a law enforcement officer,

I understand how important it is to properly

fund our Sheriff, Rescue and Fire Departments.

They are a very important part of our community’s infrastructure.


I believe workforce and economic development are very important

to Mathews County’s future. With community, regional,

and state partnerships I believe we can make

this happen without changing our small town

characteristic and our sense of community.


We need to attract families to grow our community,

so we have a tax base which allows us to maintain our infrastructure

without raising taxes.


We need to continue to build our tourism base and access to our waters.

Tourism is important to Mathews!

It brings additional tax dollars, with little demand on our

infrastructure and is not only great for our

local businesses it allows for opportunity for new businesses!


We need to continue to move forward with Broadband initiatives

to open new opportunities for work from home jobs,

increasing real estate values when selling your home,

access to educational platforms not just for children ,

but adults who wish to continue their education and

access to needed tele-med opportunities.


I believe members of the Board of Supervisors should be

civil with each other even when they disagree.

They need to be prepared deal with facts and create

reasonable and legal solutions for the issues our community faces.


I have a history of community involvement and leadership in Mathews:

Preservation Mathews,

Broadband Committee

Rotary Club

Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic,

Mathews Market Days,

Meals on Wheels

among others.


I am a licensed Notary Public,

I own my own business, and I have 30+ years of

management and human resources experience in

manufacturing, hospitality, and not for profit businesses.

I know I can use these skills to move Mathews forward

while maintaining the integrity of our small rural community.


We need Civility- Facts- Solutions

and it is way past time to work together for Mathews