So what are the responsibilities of a Board of  Supervisor?

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the County and has both administrative and legislative responsibilities, some of which are done in the role of the local governing body and some of which have developed from its function as an administrative subdivision of the State.


The Board, as the legislative body, is responsible for enacting laws and setting policies. Including adopting and enforcing ordinances for law enforcement, sanitation, health, and other regulations as permitted by State law (Dillon Rule).

The Board approves the budget and appropriates funds for County Services. 

Sets the County tax rates.

​ The Board oversees the adoption of  the County’s comprehensive land use plan and approving/enforcing related ordinances.

The Board appoints citizens to boards, authorities, commissions, and committees.

Virginia is a Dillion Rule State which means

the Dillon rule is used in explaining state law when there is a question of whether or

not a local government has a certain power.

County Government is limited  to what it is allowed to do by the State Legislation.