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Mathews County Soldiers and Sailor's  Monument


The current Board of Supervisors has placed the fate of the monument in the hands of the citizens of Mathews County by voting at the BOS meeting to ask the Mathews County Circuit Court to allow the County to place an advisory referendum on the ballot on November 2, 2021.

The Honorable Judge Shaw so ordered the question be placed  on the ballot on June 25, 2021.

The referendum asks the following question:

Shall the Mathews County Board of Supervisors relocate the Soldiers and Sailor's Monument located at the corner of Court and Church Streets on the historic green?

Yes or No

Looking for additional information please see the link below.


Photo Credit:  Bernard Fisher April 25, 2010

Hole in the Wall Septic Issue

Along with many others, I want to see an end to the excessive pump and haul at HITW.  It is our responsibility as owners of the building to correct and fix this problem and to honor our lease. 

If you would like to read more about the Next Gen system, or read the leases which state how we as the landlord must act click any of the links below.

Hole in the Wall.jfif

Photo Credit: Hole in the Wall

The Islander.jfif

Photo Credit: Judith Lowery/ Daily Press September 18, 2018

The Islander

There is no doubt  the Islander has seen some challenges in getting back open, however I do believe they are closer than ever as a contributing structure in the pre-designation of Gwynns Island as a historic district.

As a Board Member of Preservation Mathews, I welcome you to our Website to read and hear(videos) more about the Gwynns Island proposed historic district here:

Gwynn's Island Historic District - Preservation Mathews, Inc.

Below is the power point  which was presented at a 2018 BOS meeting reference the steps for development permitting process of the Islander.  It is very clear and concise as to what each step is in the process. Some of the valuations may have changed since this was put together, but the basic path forward would be the same.

Federal flood insurance law and guidance

allows historical exemptions 2 ways:

(1)    As a part of the county variance process (which is what Mathews has chosen)

(2)    Administratively – which requires the county ordinance to specify historic structures are exempted in the Substantial Improvement definition (which Mathews has not done)

(Source: FEMA P-993, July 2014: Floodplain Management Bulletin – Variances and the National Flood Insurance Program; section 3.3.13)

Further – federal flood insurance guidance states counties should only have 1 (either administrative, or variance), but not both.  Again, Mathews ordinance only has a process as part of a variance.

The Mathews Floodplain Ordinance has a variance for Historic Structures in section 62-21.D(12) as follows:

“D.  In passing upon applications for variances, the Board of Building Appeals shall satisfy all relevant factors and procedures specified in other sections of this chapter and consider the following additional factors:


(12) The historic nature of a structure. Variances for repair or rehabilitation of historic structures may be granted upon a determination that the proposed repair or rehabilitation will not preclude the structure's continued designation as an historic structure and the variance is the minimum necessary to preserve the historic character and design of the structure.”


The only way to grant a variance is for:
the submittal, review, and approval of a variance request package,
and that process must follow all the steps identified in the ordinance.
See section 63-21  (click the link) of our ordinance to see all the review/approval steps that must be followed and documented
BEFORE a variance can be approved, and permits issued.


Access to Broadband

Broadband is one of the most important issues

facing our our community today. 

We need EVERY citizen in Mathews County

who wants access to affordable

broadband to have it!

It is important to every child in our community to have access to  good broadband d. Studies have shown slow internet connections or limited access from homes in rural areas can contribute to students falling behind academically. Adults who wish to continue their education for better paying jobs or for pleasure need access.

The medical needs of our citizens would be greatly enhanced with accessible broadband for much needed

tele-med opportunities.

It is also important  for our economic  growth moving forward. Accessible broadband will draw additional families to our community that can work from home adding to our tax base.  Additional families also increases local need for entrepreneurship, businesses and services.

In addition,  there is a global digital marketplace which is  wide open for e-commerce products and services

from rural businesses.

Mathews can handle moderate growth without taxing our schools, our infrastructure or our way of life.   



The map above is a list of  Smart Poles (access points) thru out the county which are available to all citizens
at no cost  and password free.

Just pull into a parking lot with a pole, open your wireless networks and click on Mathews C.A.R.E.S and scan down the page to I Agree and you are on line. 

As a member of the Broadband Advisory Board
I welcome you to visit the Mathews County website page for  more information on the BBAB or our Facebook Site links below.