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Its time to work together for Mathews!

Government transparency is very important to our community. I believe Mathews has done a decent job in the past, but I believe there is  more we can do. I would like to see access to information easy to find  so all 
citizens of Mathews have access to the information they are legally entitled to.

Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing where to find the information.
Below I have done screen shots of where to find all documents discussed at all open mee
I hope you find this helpful!

Mathews County Web Site.jpg
Mathews Website 1.jpg
Mathews Website 2.jpg
Scroll down until you see the Meeting Portal Button
Double click it.
This will bring you to the meeting page. Scan down to the current meeting or past meeting.

By clicking the title of the meeting it will bring up the recording and the individual documents being discussed in that meeting.
As you can see to the right the page is broken into 2 parts.
The recording & then directly under the recording you can click the topic and the recording will bypass anything you dont want to listen to.

On the right is the Agenda and the documents being discussed during the meeting.

Mathews Website 3.jpg
Webpage 8.jpg
If you scroll down the agenda you will see the documents
highlighted in blue.
If you click on the link it will open that specific  document only.
Back on the meeting page-
If you click on the download button it will give you options including Agenda and Packet.

If you click the Agenda you will get only the Agenda.

If you click on packet you will get the entire packet with all the documents in one download vs each document the other way.

In this example the
Agenda is 3 pages and the packet is 165 pages.
Webpage 5.jpg
Webpage 7.jpg
Web page 6.jpg

As a member of the Board of Supervisors,
I will make transparency of government a top priority.
Knowledge of what is happening in our community is important and
I will work to see that as much information as we can provide will be made available on the County website.