When you run for office you expect some mud slinging about platforms,

but you do not expect your opponents "team" to distort and out right lie about you.

We DO NOT need candidates who think this is okay!

These are not people  who should be  be elected to our local Board of Supervisors to run our government.

Is this the kind of things their "team"  would do to another citizens they do not like or who may oppose them?

Here are a couple of the post which have circulated about me on the

Republican Committee Chairman's Facebook Page "The Real Talk of Mathews"

Please understand I do not believe his actions reflect the real  values of the Republican Partyw up with!

Rowe-Russell Post.jpg

George Jones- Fake Account

Although candidate David Jones has brother named George … this is not him.

I will say the arrest for Mike Rowe was not true he was issued a summons and you guys know the rest from the paper.

The post directed at me was a thinly veiled question to have someone ask …. What did she do?

Here was my response when they did the same thing on a FB page I could see:

I am more than happy to respond. Which by the way I have publicly responded to this before when others have “hinted” on FB before that I did something wrong. Which I did not…Earlier this year I was assisting an elderly couple here in Mathews eject a squatter from their property. During that time I assisted them in finding a process server to post the eviction on the door of the squatter. When he received the eviction notice he took his anger out on me and filed a FALSE no trespass charge because he thought I posted the eviction notice. It is a false charge because he doesn’t own any property and even if I had placed said eviction it would not be trespassing. I was issued a summons and I appeared in court and was found NOT GUILTY which I am sure you failed to show in error or maybe you were attempting to only show the charge and not the disposition to make me look bad??? So here in lies the problem as I see it… you threw this out and I answered….. I was found NOT GUILTY of a false misdemeanor charge. The entire post can be seen here on the Mathews FOIA page

Notary Post.jpg

Woodas Creek- Fake Account

I am a Notary Public.  I started my own company three years ago as a Real Estate Signing Agent and I am studying to become a Closing Agent. I work in the Middle Peninsula, Eastern Shore, Northern Neck and the Hampton Roads area.   Using my notary stamp is a small part of what my job entails. I handle and prep large Real Estate packages (some more than 200 pages). I meet with borrowers and sellers and walk them through the process of signing all the documents and explaining which each one is.  These packets include legal documents which must be handled correctly and then recorded in various court clerk’s offices in Virginia. I work for banks, mortgage companies, title companies and lawyers from all over the United States.

I am classified as a high ranking notary in this area for this work and I have clients who come to me regularly to do signings for them. I am bonded and very proud of the company I have created and the great reputation I have earned because I  am very good at what I do.  

Making fun or trying to diminish someone’s accomplishments because you don’t like them is childish! I just remember what my Mother taught me as a child: "People who try to tear you down are only trying to make you feel as bad about yourself as they feel about themselves". I cannot thank her enough for that life lesson. 

Woodas Post.jpg

Woodas Creek- Fake Account

I shared my feelings on this post and you can read that here on the  Mathews County Talk page. 

The administrator took my post down.  When I asked him why this was his response:

Dee, your post was removed because it became hostile toward you and other members. There were so many disrespectful comments that I deleted and continued to do so it was becoming untenable.

So here is my deleted post:

Good Afternoon Mathews-

My name is Dee Russell and I am running for the Board of Supervisors. I believe in civility; it is important to be civil and polite to other candidates (or anyone for that matter) even when you don’t agree with them. This morning I was sent a screen shot of a post made by a fake persona “Woodas Creek” on “The Real Talk of Mathews”. The administrators of this Facebook page are the current Republican Committee Chairman and his wife.

Thursday night there was a forum for all the candidates and a question was asked about Broadband. All candidates answered. In my answer I did say I was on the Broadband Committee (because I am- although I have been unable to attend meetings for the last 2 months while taking classes for additional certifications for my business) and in my answer I discussed the Smart Poles the Committee placed around the county as a band-aid. Although not a perfect solution we would have at least 8 hotspots around the county for the use of all our citizens, but especially our children to be able to upload and download schoolwork while virtually learning. The attached screen shot of the post is their takeaway!

What fake Woodas failed to put in this post was that I thanked and made it perfectly clear the leader of the Broadband Advisory Board and the reason we are moving as fast as we are on our local broadband is because of Mrs. Judith Rowe. Along with Judith there are many local citizens on that board working VERY hard to get affordable broadband to anyone who wants it in Mathews….. Is he insinuating all those people are complicit with this slanderous accusation?

This is not the first-time fake personas (and a few real) have attacked Mike Rowe, Billy Cook, or me with false information and accusations. This is just the first time I thought it was important to share with a larger audience and address it. Unfortunately, because of the admin’s position as chairman of the small local 40-person committee, a reasonable person would believe he is okay with this type of post and Mr. Walls and Mr. Jones (who joined the committee 2 months before their primary) are being supported by him so they must think it is okay too. I know if someone supporting me posted a slimy outright lie and distortion of the truth like this, I would ask them to immediately take it down. (Although frankly I don’t believe I know anyone who would create a post like this) If I was an administrator, I certainly would not have allowed a post like this unless of course I was complicit.

As for the vulgar last comment I will simply say I have never associated nor had any contact with Mr. Hooper other than meeting him at a dinner party once about 8 years ago. I do know Mrs. Hooper and do not hold her accountable for her husband’s actions, she did not commit a crime her husband did. My sign is on Mr. and Mrs. Eleys’ fence, and they are the Mathews couple I helped earlier this year evicting a squatter from there property and was as falsely charged with trespassing by the squatter and found not guilty. We DO NOT need candidates who think this type of behavior is okay to be elected to seats on OUR local Board of Supervisors to run OUR government. Is this the kind of thing their "team" would do to other citizens who they do not like or who may oppose them once on the board? This type of behavior is low budget and has no place in our community and certainly NO PLACE IN OUR GOVERNMENT!

I am always available to answer any questions. My email and phone number have been on my signs since day one. I have appreciated all the calls, the emails, the one-on-one conversations in parking lots and our first in person forum the other night and being able to answer questions. I want to work for all the citizens of Mathews and bring back civility, make decisions based on facts, and come up with legal solutions for the benefit of ALL our citizens NOT just the ones that agree with me.

My number is 804-505-5391, my email is dee4bos@gmail.com and please feel free to visit my website dee4bos.com.