Its time to work together for Mathews!

This page is currently under construction,
but here is the basics of what this website will be about:

This page is being transformed to a Mathews government citizen watch page.
As a citizen of Mathews you should be informed about all of the facts about the issues facing the 
county and know the Board is acting in the best interest of all of our citizens including you! 

    This site will upload county documents so you will have  the information and do not have to depend on word of mouth information or gossip of incorrect facts.

The Board is given a packet every month, these documents should be read in advance of the meeting and board members should be prepared to discuss and ask their own questions based on factual information and make decisions in the best interest of the county, not  any one group of citizens or special interest groups.

The Board also needs to understand not only what their role is but what it isn't!
They need to know that they are not part of the day to day operation of the county. That is the job of the County Administrator and staff.
Please click here                                      see what the job of a board member is. 
For example:
The Board  only has the authority to hire and fire a County Administrator or County attorney.
The Board has no authority to fire staff employees and should certainly not threating to do so.